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Project Description
The Official CommunityMegaphone application for Windows Phone. Releases are in XAP format, allowing you to upload the compiled application into a device using the Windows Phone Application Deployment tool. Download the source code to learn how to build Windows Phone applications.

Why Did We Share This Application?
We did it to serve others just getting started with Windows Phone development. There are so few good, really complete examples of Windows Phone applications out there in the blogosphere. There are plenty of snippets that demonstrate features but nothing that shows you how to bring it all together. This application shows you how to use isolated storage, LINQ to XML, OData services, SOAP services, user controls, location services, the MVVM pattern and more. If you're just getting started with Windows Phone development, you can learn a lot by browsing the source code for this application, looking for a-ha moments. If you have questions as you study the source code, please check our discussions list and start new conversations as necessary. We would love to explain why we made certain design choices. After all, the whole reason for this project is to help you learn.

Another key reason for my sharing this application is that we want to see the Community Megaphone Site prosper. As of this writing, there are hundreds of developer events registered in the Community Megaphone database at any given time. But there are many more developer and IT Pro events happening that could be registered there. Releasing this application's source code is a strategy for making the Community Megaphone Site more popular among event planners and attendees. This will ultimately make the developer and IT Pro community even stronger than it is today.

Publishing This Application in Microsoft's Mobile Marketplace (The App Hub)
Kevin Hazzard's training and consulting company, The Developer Journey Co., publishes the CommunityMegaphone application for free download in the Mobile Marketplace. If you have the Zune Software, you can click here to download the published application to your phone. Of course, we can't stop you from publishing your own version of this application in the marketplace. The license that we've attached to the source code here doesn't restrict you from doing that if you so desire. However, one has to ask: how many Community Megaphone applications on Windows Phone does the world need? If you feel strongly that you can add features to this application that the published version in the marketplace really needs, then become a contributor to this project and help us improve it. We'll give you some props on the about page in the application if you do so, of course. So, please don't publish new versions of this application to the marketplace without talking to Kevin first, OK? That's all we ask. Thank you.

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